Friday, 18 April 2014

Magento, an efficient option?
In any eCommerce implementation, system performance can mean the difference between satisfied customers and frustrated customers who shop elsewhere. In particular, PDP code performance issues can have immediate critical impact to the business. Although this type of issue is much easier to spot and fix using static code analysis than performance or scalability issues related to software design, the exact level of impact cannot be measured accurately without application profiling and monitoring, because these methods provide information on how often the code is executed and on what amounts of data.

Effectivity Survey

The Magento Expert Consulting Group (ECG) has conducted dozens of code audits of client code bases and mined about 300 common coding issues made by PDP developers. About 28% of all issues affect performance and scalability of the code. The top 5 performance coding issues represent 84% of all performance issues. They were encountered in 96% of client code bases.

So how can you determine what is best for your online store ? Magento development services vary with purpose and usage pattern. Magento conversions requires coding which in returns digs a deep hole in your pocket. But certain magento development services like risk mitigation of monetary transaction especially when you are buying online is really effective.When you choose the option of transmitting credit card information from server side using APIs, your server infrastructure becomes part of PCI compliance. On the other hand, using APIs from client browsers, excludes your server infrastructure from the scope of PCI compliance

The story of payment gateways

One way to determine which option is right for your business is to compare the cost of using a third-party payment gateway with the cost of storing credit card information in a data center. If you process a smaller number of credit card transactions, you might find that using a third-party payment gateway is more economical and the best option, provided it fits within your company policies. If credit card transaction volume is very high, you may find it more cost-efficient to store credit card information in a Rackspace data center and undergo PCI compliance audits. Your company policies and credit card transaction volume, along with other factors not discussed here, can help determine where to store credit card data.

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